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Jeff Marsick

writer and creator

​​​The Creators

A former military officer, Jeff Marsick spends his days as a financial analyst on Wall Street.  His nights, however, are reserved for writing novels, screenplays and comic books.  He is also a regular contributor to the comic book and pop-culture website, Newsarama.

While he hopes to one day be selected as a Green Lantern, he is content to live with his family in Connecticut.

In his professional career, Scott Barnett has been an illustrator, designer, storyboard artist and 3D modeler/animator.  He has painted covers, trading cards and pin-ups for the comic book and card industry, and he's had work published by Image, Malibu, Chaos, Avatar, London Night Studios, and Topps, among others.  He lives with his wife and son in New Jersey.

His work can be viewed at, as well as on deviantArt and Facebook.

Scott Barnett

artist and creator

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